Ali Emre Yazıcı

Hello, I'm Ali Emre from Turkey. I'm 24. I am currently working as a game developer at Rogue Duck Interactive.


Cardboard Town

Cardboard Town is a rogue-like, city builder card game from Stratera Games. I work as the solo developer of this project. 

Lighthouse Keeper

Lighthouse Keeper is a single player simulation and exploration game from Stratera Games. I work as the lead developer of this project. 


Dodger is an arcade-style mobile game with simple controls but difficult to play. It is my first and only mobile game experience. 


Stucode is a coding based 3D platform puzzle game. I developed this project primarily for a game jam. Afterwards, I continued to develop this idea as my term project. 

Apart from these, you can also find many projects on my GitHub account.